My art work has been exhibited at ARTag Gallery in Helsinki, the Finnish Political Studies Association Annual Conference 2014 in Tampere (#poltut14 series), at the Annual Sociological Conference 2014 in Rovaniemi, and at the 9th European Feminist Research Conference in 2015. I have made and/or presented my work as part of conference panels at KATSE/FISA 2013 in Naantali and at ISA 2014 in Toronto.

Art critic Veikko Halmetoja of #poltut14

"The artworks by Saara Särmä are a functional example of socio-political themes fitting in with contemporary art. Särmä's visual style incorporates both funny and inventive ways of reconstructing the relations of power between politics and political science in her collages."

My collages generally fall under three categories:

1. Dissertation collages that I made as part of my doctoral dissertation Junk Feminism and Nuclear Wannabes - Collaging Parodies of Iran and North Korea

2. Gift collages that I have made in celebration of my friends' dissertations or published books

3. Other collages that I have made at or for conferences, to accompany specific texts by other scholars, and commissioned work